About Us

This is Sassy...

She is my inspiration for this wonderful, rich all-natural skin care product.   She has an autoimmune disease called Discoid Lupus Erythematosus (DLE)  which causes her immune system to attack her own tissues.  For years I  treated her with antibiotics.  But when they jumped from $10 to $700,  this "inspired" me to look into natural alternatives  to help heal her nose - which becomes extremely raw, red, flakey and crusty with loss of pigmentation (please see her before and after pictures). 

I  needed something safe enough for her to ingest, since she licks her  nose.  After extensive research, and trial and error, I have come up  with an all-natural product that, not only has significantly improved her skin, but is also WONDERFUL FOR HUMANS TOO!   Her veterinarian is so impressed, she has started referring her other  "patients" to me!  I've had rave reviews from (human) clients about how  their eczema or psoriasis has improved.  It's great for diaper rash and expanding baby bumps, too!

My products are hand made and have nothing you CAN'T pronounce in them.  They contain NO artificial preservatives, colors, alcohol, parabens, gluten, pthalates or soy.  Our proprietary blends contain a wide variety of gentle natural oils and butters (see our list of the various ingredients that are  used in our products).  For 2017, all new batches of products will no longer contain Sweet Almond Oil.  I know several people who are interested in trying my products, but have nut allergies.  The Almond Oil has been replace with Abyssinian Oil - which has similar benefits as Argan Oil.

Natural - chemical free...

So, if reading the back of a Lubriderm®  bottle makes your head spin and gets you tongue tied, look to Mother Nature to soothe your dry skin woes.  

Remember... Mother knows best!