I'll be adding new products soon to include a  Natural Bug Repellent,  Oatmeal-Coconut Milk-Dead Sea Salt bath soak, Bath Truffles, Sugar Cube Bath Melts, and a couple of items completely unrelated to my skincare line... but I just felt they were an appropriate tie-in as they represent nature, as well. Hand-made (by me!) Aromatherapy / Diffuser jewelry using natural gemstones and lava rock bead, and Genuine Baltic Amber (30 million years old).  Amber is said to have soothing properties to calm you and relieve stress and pain.  That is why so many mothers use it for their teething babies.

Also - I want to point out two things.  Throughout the website I tout that we use no artificial preservatives, alcohols, parabens, pthalates, emulsefiers, thickeners, fillers, etc.  There is one new product that does contain Alcohol - and that is our new Buzz Off bug repellent. Since this product is not intended as any kind of moisturizer, I wanted to ensure you didn't think we were not being 100% honest.  That being said, Alcohol is the only semi-natural compound in this product - everything else is 100% natural essential oils and water.  None of our skincare products contain Alcohol.  Additionally, when selecting fragrance options for our Body Butters and Scrubs, you will notice the essences listed will either have an "E/O" or "F/O" shown.  E/O stands for Essential Oil.  F/O is for Fragrance Oil.  Should you select an item that lists F/O - you are selecting an item that may be naturally scented - but not an "essential oil" - or it may be artificially scented.  However, I only select Fragrance Oils that are pthalate free.  All other ingredients are still 100% natural, contain no artificial preservatives, alcohols, parabens, pthalates, colors, etc.  What are pthalates?   Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to soften and increase the flexibility of plastic and vinyl. They are used in hundreds of consumer products - just not mine!

I'm sure once you try my products, you will realize how using only 100% natural botanicals and butter/oil blends will turn out to be the best face moisturizer and skincare you have ever tried.   

You'll notice the prices are unusual.  For those of you in Idaho, once sales tax is added to your order, it will result in a nice round number - I'm a little OCD in that way.

If you have any questions about our products, use, or ingredients, please feel free to send me an email at  

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