Reviews & Testimonials

Dr. Carol Eklund, DVM

I'm shocked at the progress Sassy has made.  We've treated her for years with prescription medications and, in all that time, her nose has NEVER looked as good as it does now using only this natural customized treatment.  This is so effective, I've begun referring other 4-legged patients to help their Discoid Lupus condition.

Amber S.

My daughter has been battling a dry eczema patch on her face for years.  We've used prescriptions for her eczema treatments, with limited results.  After trying your natural moisturizing butter for less than a week, it's almost completely gone.  She says "mom - what if that lady stops making this stuff?  What are we going to do?"  So you can never stop making it.

Teresa R.

...and I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scrub!  As much or more than the head-to-toe!  Such good stuff... I use it quite sparingly, but it's the only thing I use on my face and my skin is soft and moist.

Lesley M.

I am absolutely in love with my Head-to-Toe!!  I have psoriasis and this has done wonders.  I've already used half of the jar that I bought at the craft fair.  It has worked so much better than the chemical filled prescription creams I've used!

Shawna B

Your butters made such a difference on my belly when I was pregnant.  I only have 1 little stretch mark.  It works great on my eczema, too.  After the baby was born, I used it on her crusty scalp, some minor eczema spots, and on her bum for diaper rash. It works great everywhere!

Cate L.

I love your Face Fixer Elixir. I was worried about putting straight oils on my face - but it has done wonders for my complexion. I don't feel oily - just moisturized and refreshed looking.